Ahimsa Movement

Embracing Non-Violence and Compassionate Care

Cow Protection for Human Perfection

a herd of cows standing on top of a lush green field
a herd of cows standing on top of a lush green field

ahimsa movement

Nurturing Cows with Compassion

Discover the Ahimsa Movement, dedicated to the compassionate care of cows. We believe in nurturing cows throughout their lives, conserving indigenous breeds, and addressing agricultural challenges. Join us in recognizing the worth of all living beings and the connection we share with them.

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Ahimsa cows and cow protection embody the principles of non-violence and compassionate care for cows. In this practice, both cows and bulls are looked after throughout their lives, ensuring their well-being until they pass away. They are engaged in their natural work, allowing them to live fulfilling lives according to their innate instincts. Cow protection involves providing a nurturing environment that includes organic and chemical-free feeding, clean shelters, regular veterinary care, and protection from harm. This approach emphasizes the importance of upholding the dignity and welfare of cows and bulls, while also promoting the conservation of indigenous cow breeds and addressing challenges in modern agriculture.

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Nurturing Divinity, Honoring Cows

Bovine is Divine

"Bovine is Divine" beautifully captures the essence of the sacred relationship between cows and humanity. This phrase emphasizes the deep reverence and respect that many cultures hold for these gentle beings. The divine nature of bovines is reflected in their inherent qualities of nurturing, sustenance, and harmony with nature.


Meet Govinda's cows

We are especially focused on providing immediate attention and care to the five beloved cows at Govinda's sanctuary in Geaglum. These cows are at the heart of our mission, and your support can directly contribute to their well-being and protection. Whether through financial contributions, sponsoring a specific cow, fundraising, or advocating for this noble cause, your support will have a profound impact on the lives of these cherished animals. Join us in our commitment to creating a safe and nurturing environment for Govinda's cows, ensuring they receive the love, care, and respect they deserve. Together, let's make a difference in their lives and uphold the principles of compassion and non-violence.

The Ahimsa movement wholeheartedly promotes and showcases Kind2Cows, the first and only ahimsa cow sanctuary in Ireland, located in Geaglum, Co. Fermanagh, which is part of Inis Rath Krishna community. This exceptional sanctuary provides a loving home for five ahimsa cows, symbolising the movement's commitment to non-violence and compassionate treatment of animals.

Embrace Cow protection: A journey of Love and Compassion

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